Are Work Friends Real Friends?

It's hard to trust people now a days. There's just too many politics involved in a relationship, whether business or personal, if it always seems like everyone is out to get you, well you are not alone. Work friends are not real friends.

I have a hard time making friends and keeping relationships and I think its because I just do not trust people around me. I think that everyone has an alternative motive and will use what I give to them against me at any cost just to get ahead in life. this has happened to me many times, as recent as today. But most notably, a few years ago when I had transitioned from a job I had been very successful at for over 14 years in favor of what I thought would be better. but it wasn't. instead I was introduced to a world filled with phony attitudes with co-workers, bosses who refused to get involved with the everyday grind in an effort to improve performance. The workforce is COMPETITIVE for a reason, you just can't balance an honest friendship with someone who could potentially be your greatest threat.

At this point, I had been a manager for over 12 years, so I was very capable of reading the writing on the wall quickly, but i was unable to find something else sooner. Two years later,  I found that one of the co-workers I had been close with was telling other employees including my boss, that I was incompetent and not worth keeping around. This hurt my feelings and eventually led me to leaving the organization for something better. Bosses and subordinates are not your friends, when the climate changes and you have to take specific orders or giving them to someone who doesn't understand the difference between work and life, that can pose for some significant backlash later on down the road.

Real friends support your decisions and always have your greatest interest in mind. Real friends care about you, the person, not the money, not the status, they care about the person and how he or she's personality blends in with their through common interests. I am more cautious and weary of who I talk to, but it hurts me everyday that I cannot find a single person I work with whom I can trust. It is always best to keep personal issues separate from work to avoid people who say they are your friend from airing out your dirty laundry. The moral of this story is to be aware of  what true friends are and realize that not everyone has your best interests all of the time. You don't have to make friends with the people you work with. you do not owe anyone anything beyond your call to duty. End of discussion.


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