I Tried Lemon and Ginger Tea for a Week and Here’s What Happened

I tried lemon and ginger tea for a week and here’s what happened. I decided upon lemon and ginger tea it because I noticed that there are health benefits associated with soothing stomach cramps, bloating and gas. 

I would brew the tea every morning after my breakfast and after my coffee to help with digestion. I noticed that I was going to the bathroom more often which was good because I was more hydrated. I would drink the tea after my lunch and I would drink it again after dinner for a total of three times per day. 

At nighttime I would drink the tea right after my dinner which helped with digestion but also made me very sleepy within about an hour's time. I felt that I slept a lot better once I finished the tea. I believe it helps soothe your digestion system as well as eating as the hot water and the herbs and spices within the tea helped to calm me down and helped keep me asleep during the night. 

I recommend this tea for anyone trying to relieve stomach cramps and to reduce hunger pains. It also works well to have some before bed.

What’s your favorite tea? 

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