Holiday Blues

Watching all the other people around you celebrate their family happiness can be hard on you if you don’t have any family of your own. What do you do in this sort of situation? Socially you appear awkward, you are often forgotten or left out of the circle during a conversation. Maybe you feel like a lone wolf or black sheep of the family. What do you do?

It's never easy for most people during the holiday season. The weather is colder, days are shorter, if it rains a lot you are stuck inside and forced to reflect on the things you could have done better. When this happens to me, I try to redirect my focus towards exercise or writing to improve my mood. 

Exercise can release endorphins to help you feel more energized by improving blood flow and heart rate. Writing will help you get your true emotions out on paper, which in turn will help you organize your thoughts. Another way to help feel good is to rearrange your furniture, or
detail your car. Reorganize a closet or cupboard, or even just listen to some of your favorite music.

It’s hard to be motivated during the holidays and some folks around you may not be helping you feel any better. Poor attitudes from relatives in particular can make this worse. Just do your best to avoid these types of people because they are not looking at your best interest, and could quite possibly want to bring you down because they are jealous of your success. It’s best to find someone close to you who shares your same interests whether it be family or a close friend, and try to spend time with them. 

It may be better to be alone at some point so you have time to put some positive energy into yourself. We all have it hard at times, feeling like we are left out of the circle, which is why it’s important to recognize this early on, and then do something to counter it before you fall into deeper depression. Either way, do what's best for you and you will be happy. Try not to concern yourself with what others may think of you. 


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