Holiday Shopping

As Thanksgiving comes to a close and retailers gear up for another heavy season of sales, there remains one ongoing thought that comes to my mind... Is it better to shop online or in person? 

We all know the huge online retailer's dominating the retail market in everything from groceries, toys, and even weird gadgets, there is not much left for the 'brick and mortar' retailers to pick from. Or is there? Yes, shopping online is very convenient but, surely there are some folks out there (including our generation) who still favor the hunt for the best deal in town. Let's break this down. The Hunt...

The Merriam-Webster defines a hunter-gatherer as "a member of a culture in which food is obtained by hunting, fishing, and foraging rather than by agriculture or animal husbandry."

The hunter gatherer definition can be indirectly related to modern day shoppers hunting for the best deal. Of course, online shopping is here to stay, and it will continue to dominate the consumer market as time goes on.

Currently, various news articles are claiming in-store shopping is increasing in popularity again due to the brick and mortar stores fighting back hot deals of their own where the only way to get it is to stand in line. Personally, I see online shopping is here to stay and will maintain dominance over in store shopping due to many conveniences. Are you an online shopper or an in store shopper? What do you prefer? Leave a comment below!

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