Why Should we have Goals

From finding the perfect career to rearranging a living space, we all have some sort of goals that inspire us to work towards a better version of ourselves. Here are my steps towards developing and executing a goal.

  • Set a start date and end date, and then stick to it.

We get out of it what we put into it. To finish what I start, I break my main goal down into smaller goals that are easier to reach so that I do not lose focus on my larger goal. If I want to go to college in the fall? Then 12 months from that date I need to make sure I pinpointed my top choices for a school that has accepted my transcripts. Then I need to register for classes, purchase learning materials, books and so on. It’s important to break down the goal in order to maintain focus.

  • Finish what you start.

Ever start something and then walk away with it unfinished? That’s a missed opportunity. Don’t start what you can’t finish, and finish what you start. It’s often easier said than done but if you’re serious about a dream becoming reality, then you can’t give up now. All that time spent will be lost. If what you are doing is not working or the dream begins to evolve, that’s okay. As long as you are getting closer to completing your goal, keep going. Don’t give up!

  • Take time to reflect.

Reflecting is not to be confused with complaining or being sad if things are not moving you in the right direction. Reflecting is the best time to re-evaluate where you are and whether you are getting closer to accomplishing your goal, or if you need to adjust its direction. This could mean adding or removing smaller goals or maybe the idea has evolved into something better. That’s great! That means you are closer to completion.

Here’s a recap:

To accomplish a goal remember to:

Set a start date and end date, and then stick to it.
Finish what you start.
Take time to reflect.

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