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Imagine this, coming home exhausted on Friday night. I'm tired but optimistic about getting back into doing the things I want to do. But just as I get comfortable hanging out with close friends and family, or completing one of my many projects... 

BOOM! It's five o'clock Sunday night, which means it's time to go back to work. The laundry isn't done, meals aren't prepped, and I have to go to bed early in order to be somewhat rested for whatever is bearing down my door first thing Monday morning. 
This is why Sunday's are the worst part of the weekend! It feels like there''s no time for me to do the things I want to do, or see people I want to see because there's just not enough time to do everything. If you hate Sunday's because of this, your not alone. Here's how I somehow manage to get through this dreaded part of every weekend with minimal anxiety and frustration. 
5. Wake Up Early and Make Breakfast.
I try my best not to eat out in the mo…


Today I share top five favorite flower photos I have taken this week. These photos were all taken at the Botanical Gardens in Mendocino California. I do not know the names of these flowers but they were all amazing to see! 
Mendocino is at the furthest point of Northern California. 

If you like what you see, be sure to let me know by clicking the like button or leaving a comment down below. 
5. Lavender

I love how deep the color is, this needed no editing.

4. Pink

To me, this photo felt as if it had a three dimensional look to it with the texture of the flowers against the background.

3. Vibrant

I  love the different colors and how this flower looks like its coming at me in the shot.  

2. Light Pink

This flower seems to be a popular style that I see in a lot of the floral shops. It has a rose like scent to it, and is a larger size of plant ranging around two feet in length.

1. Isle of Green

This is by my number one choice when it comes to the colors, hues, and design. I would pick so…


Hello everyone and welcome! Today I share top five favorite tree photos I have taken recently. My criteria is based off of how well I feel the photo looked after it was taken, and how well it adapted to filtering, and color adjustment. These were all taken using my Iphone 7 in Rocklin California, and If you like any of the following photos, be sure to let me know by clicking the like button or leaving a comment down below. 

5. The Cluster

I love how wide this shot was and how well it adapted to editing when I utilized more focus for the center trees. There were lots of clean steady colors, and there is a forest like feel to it. 

4. Orange Hue

My favorite part about this photo is orange glow that sheered across the tree from the early morning sunrise piercing through the park. A telling sign that is in deed fall!

3. Shadows

I personally love this one only because of the shadow direction and all the different colors coming through in the background. 

2. Ground Up

This shot is my second…

Why Should we have Goals

From finding the perfect career to rearranging a living space, we all have some sort of goals that inspire us to work towards a better version of ourselves. Here are my steps towards developing and executing a goal.
Set a start date and end date, and then stick to it.
We get out of it what we put into it. To finish what I start, I break my main goal down into smaller goals that are easier to reach so that I do not lose focus on my larger goal. If I want to go to college in the fall? Then 12 months from that date I need to make sure I pinpointed my top choices for a school that has accepted my transcripts. Then I need to register for classes, purchase learning materials, books and so on. It’s important to break down the goal in order to maintain focus.
Finish what you start.
Ever start something and then walk away with it unfinished? That’s a missed opportunity. Don’t start what you can’t finish, and finish what you start. It’s often easier said than done but if you’re serious about a d…

Holiday Shopping

As Thanksgiving comes to a close and retailers gear up for another heavy season of sales, there remains one ongoing thought that comes to my mind... Is it better to shop online or in person? 
We all know the huge online retailer's dominating the retail market in everything from groceries, toys, and even weird gadgets, there is not much left for the 'brick and mortar' retailers to pick from. Or is there? Yes, shopping online is very convenient but, surely there are some folks out there (including our generation) who still favor the hunt for the best deal in town. Let's break this down. The Hunt...
The Merriam-Webster defines a hunter-gatherer as "a member of a culture in which food is obtained by hunting, fishing, and foraging rather than by agriculture or animal husbandry."

The hunter gatherer definition can be indirectly related to modern day shoppers hunting for the best deal. Of course, online shopping is here to stay, and it will continue …

Millennial Motivation

Welcome to the Millennial Motivation blog!